Nate Luke’s “Musky Old School”

Nate Luke’s “Musky Old School”

Photographer, Nate Luke‘s “Musky Old School” promo is a great example of a promo that captures a “look and feel” created through specific visual references along with copy that together draws you in. This piece thoughtfully brings together image, typography, texture and form in a well considered promo piece that takes you along on a journey into the the Northwoods of Wisconsin.

Nate says, “The promo came from a Personal Project that we worked on last year late in the summer. The opportunity presented its self to follow a group of fly fisherman in Northern Wisconsin for a week. The goal was to bring together an editorial feel that would relate to advertising by telling a story with a series of images. We also put together a motion piece that goes along with the feel of the still imagery.

Another goal of the promo was to take people to the Northwoods of Wisconsin. One of the ways we did that was with the wooden envelopes so you can feel and smell the woods.”

Designer, Aaron Scott adds, “Nate Luke’s “Musky Old School” promotional piece is a large accordion-fold booklet, which provides certain unique physical attributes. The pages are unfolded rather than turned, giving it an unconventional interactive experience. When fully unfolded, the scale emphasizes the size of subject matter—the musky on the spread is life-size. The paper selected is Cougar Natural, 80# text, recommended by the printer to avoid cracking and bulk. The uncoated stock also added a traditional quality to the piece. Letter Gothic, a monospaced font chosen for the text face, suggests reports from the battlefront or dispatches from faraway lands.

A tip for photographers considering off-white stock: In order to account for the subtle, warm yellowness of Cougar Natural, Nate Luke prepared his images his images accordingly. If you add any “warmth” to your images through split-toning or other techniques, consider adjusting those treatments. The off-white stock will provide an inherent warmth to the printed image.”

Printer: Color Graphic Printing /
Graphic Design & Handwritten Envelopes: Aaron J. Scott /
Wooden Envelopes: Nissiwood /
Rubber Stamp: Springfield Stamp & Engraving /

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