A First Promotion by Carla Richmond

Great concept and execution by photographer, Carla Richmond, for her first promotion. Fun, retro style typographic treatment for her name adds a bit of style too.

Carla says, “I made my very first promotional piece! Well, I actually made it over 5 months ago…… and still haven’t sent it out. Self promotion is a scary thing. It is a small edition of only 50. I decided the process would be easier by targeting my market and making the promotional piece it’s own piece of art. I want to thank Ryan Dougherty for helping me with the concept and execution (www.cinderandsledge.com). This simply wouldn’t have worked without him.”

    Hey Carla, i LOVED the front page of your promotional piece ... like its from an official military file!! lol.. Nice work... hope you get some good contacts and work in process!! ~ali
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