A Little Promo that Packs a Big Punch

Fun Valentine’s promo created by Alaska House on behalf of Big Leo and photographer Melissa Punch. Love their concept that plays off of Melissa’s last name. And the image really stands out and is perfectly modern, edgy and fun for the holiday.

Alaska House says,

Its hard not to fall in love when a client comes to you and says ‘So I’ve got this image, lets think of something to do with it.’ With Valentines Day quickly approaching, photographer Melissa Punch wanted to find a way to use images from a personal project in a fun promo to send to a few of her clients & advertising crushes. To make the most impact, we decided to go with something that would engage the recipient directly and temporary tattoo’s fit the bill. I couldn’t help myself from basing the project off her last name and after locking down a direction, I used her edgy shooting style as reference for executing the design. To finish it off we skipped the typical secret admirer approach and went with a crystal clear envelope paired with the USPS Love Stamp, by the ever so lovely Jessica Hische – a match made in postal heaven.