A Magazine Promo w/ Style

A Magazine Promo w/ Style

This is an impressive promo from photographer Luke Copping.

It appears very well thought out, designed and executed. It’s got style and does a great job featuring his photographs. Luke worked with the talented designer, Nubby Twiglet to realize this 58 page perfect-bound magazine.

In Luke’s own words –

“I am always looking to change things up and add different elements to my marketing mix to keep things fresh – partly to move away from the too many generic e-blasts / too many generic postcards burnout that a lot of photographers get stuck in, and partly because I just love making cool things and sharing them with others.

To kick off 2012 right I wanted to share a project that I have been crafting with the help of the phenomenally talented Nubby Twiglet (Who I have worked with on my identity and branding projects for a couple of years now. I never cease to be impressed with how well her design and layout work complements my photography), a 58 page magazine that collects some of my personal favorite images and series. I have used the MagCloud service in the past in my work with Auxiliary Magazine and always been impressed with their quality, which has just gotten better and better over the years, so they were the clear choice for me when it came time for me to print the small runs needed for my publication.”

More and more photographers are working on their own and collaborating with designers to produce their own magazines. As Nubby Twiglet puts it, “With on-demand self-publishing becoming an increasingly affordable option, photographers can self-promote in ways that seemed incredibly out of reach just a few short years ago.”

About the design, Nubby says,

“Photographers know their work better than anyone and after Luke had selected his top images and mocked up a dummy issue, I started playing around with layouts and type-driven introductions for each themed series.

I’ve worked with a lot of photographers and my number one goal as a designer is to never overpower their work. I believe that less is more. Great photographers’ work stands on its own and the accompanying branding should accentuate it, not distract. Because of this, I kept the layouts and overall design fairly minimal. ”


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  1. Richard Koconis

    Outstanding. Beautiful images and layout. I am also a fan of the minimalist approach. It does wonders for promoting your work. Well done.

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