A Tasty Promo Design

A Tasty Promo Design

Daniel Blackman, a freelance designer from the UK, recently emailed me to share his latest promotion. It’s a wonderfully fun “in the box” visual parody. What a great way to stand out! Daniel says, “the idea is that these would be printed up and given away to prospective clients or employers with my portfolio packed neatly inside as a foldout brochure (in a burger style of course) – It would be very keen to hear thoughts and feedback on these! I’m really excited by the idea! Personal and memorable.”

First Daniel illustrated the idea –


















































Daniel has also designed a cool T-shirt to promote his business.


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  1. D. Currier

    This isn’t a logo rip at all. Daniel’s not pretending it’s his own logo and “stealing” it. It’s very clear that he is instead having fun with the Burger King fast food packaging – which I read as whimsical social commentary. His actual logo design for “Fries With That” looks quite different and original (see above) – having nothing to do visually with Burger King.

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