All Aboard with Matt Dutile

Recently I featured very cool and unique business cards for photographer Matt Dutile. He’s followed up with this fun new promo.

This promo is such a great way for a travel and lifestyle photographer to frame his work. The “boarding pass” looks and feels so authentic – something that really takes things to the next level when referencing the iconography of a given visual system. Matt takes things even further with his attention to detail and thoughtful follow through regarding all the “parts” of this promotion. Check out the perforation in the boarding pass card, the stamp used, airplane paper clip, luggage tag for his business card and map style envelope. All these considerations build upon each other and make for one stand-out, fabulous promotion which is sure to impress and stick in the minds of people for some time to come. Matt told me, “They’ve been getting some screaming good reviews and a few on the spot booked jobs.” I’m not surprised!