Award-winning “Best of Show” Portfolio by Danielle Kroll

Q&A: Interview

This HOW Promotion Design “Best of Show” portfolio by Danielle Lee Kroll captivates with a unique, distinctive look. The piece, created while a student at the Tyler School of Art, is impeccably made and captures both Danielle’s design and printmaking flair. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask Danielle a few questions about the project.


Where you a student when you created this piece? Was it created in response to a course assignment?

Yes, I created this piece for my Portfolio class senior year of college. I attended Tyler School of Art, which is part of Temple University in Philadelphia. The assignment was to create a self-promotion that represents your body of work.

How did you arrive at the idea or concept for your piece?

I tried to think about what specifically defines my style. I realized that I use a lot of patterns in my work, so a swatch booklet that emphasizes that seemed like a successful concept. There are five projects featured in the promo. Each of them have their own section that includes an image of the project and the patterns I used in it.

What do you think it communicates about you?

I think it successfully shows off my love for patterns in design work. I have always been interested in mixing and matching patterns so I was very pleased with how the exterior of this piece came together. The promo contains 14 different patterns and still looks cohesive.

Did you target a particular area of the market or industry with this approach?

Most of my work has a very hand-done feminine feeling, so with this piece I targeted those who share similar aesthetics with me.

What was the most challenging part about creating this piece?

Probably printing on the fabric. It was very important for the patterns to be on fabric and for the fabric to look and feel right. There was a lot of trial and error involved with testing out different brands.

Who have you sent it out to?

I treated it as a leave-behind present for interviews so I haven’t actually sent it out to anybody. I have to make each one by hand and because of all the special touches it really takes a while.

What has been the response?

Very positive! People really enjoy it’s tactile quality and unique form.

Do you have any advice for a student currently work on his or her portfolio and/or other promotional materials?

Make something that represents your personality and your style. Someone should be able to look at your promo and immediately get a feeling of who you are as a designer.

*Danielle is currently working in Philadelphia as a graphic designer for Anthropologie.

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