Behind the Scenes with Chris Crisman

Behind the Scenes with Chris Crisman

Last January, I wrote about “The Beauty of a Hand Made Book (Chris Crisman’s New Promo).” This summer, Chris and his team made another fabulous hand made book. He says, “Even though it’s a labor of love, hours and hours go into the planning, designing, and manufacturing of these books. Each one is a unique and individually crafted piece. The craft of each book is such an important aspect of the project that we wanted to try and capture the process, as you can hopefully see in the short film below. I worked with our awesome assistant/bookmaker Tye Worthington to put the video together and I hope that it shows how the care that we put into each of these pieces.”

I’m really excited to share with you Chris’s video which gives us a behind the scenes view of how this little labor of love was made. Enjoy!


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  1. mrbolano

    Beautifully made. I was wondering though, how many he makes and how long it takes?

    Also, do the people he gives them to get to keep them? Or does he drop off and then pick up like a more tradition portfolio book?

    And who does he target with these?

    Lots of questions but again, beautiufl book (and photos of course!)

  2. Andrew

    Thanks for the video. I would have never thought to use a drill to make the holes for the screw posts. I was expecting to see him use a punch of some sort, but the drill makes perfect sense. I’m planning a custom book now and will give that a try.

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