Best Portfolios From Around the World – Russian Federation

Best Portfolios From Around the World – Russian Federation

The design of this portfolio for Russian designer, Кочедыков Денис (Denis Kochedykov) is excellent. On the cover, the stripes act as a sort of collage of cropped, offset sketches & projects combined with playful typography that demonstrate a strong design sense while also giving us a look at the type of work included inside the portfolio. The visual look of the cover cohesively extends into the interior pages where chapter openers are impeccably designed and visually engaging.

Denis told me,

“My Portfolio Design was one of the course projects, executed by me on a course of art design in the summer of 2012. It was a project that combines the best of assignments for two and a half years of training. Among the works performed were not the only graphic projects, but also architecture, drawing and painting.

All the works were divided into genres and collected in separate chapters. For each chapter, there are unifying expressive features: the first chapter is called “structure / destruction” for the graphics, the second is the “volume / space”, connecting mainly architectural designs and the latest “invoice / surface”, which features paintings.

The overall theme for the book I chose collages: divide into parts and pieces to combine new stuff. This reception reflected in the structure of the book and depicted on the title page and on the cover of the book.”

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