Brand as a Well Oiled Machine

Josh Letchworth’s new re-brand is distinct yet unobtrusive and sophisticated, yet approachable. The re-brand includes a new logo, website, portfolio, email and print campaign. As Josh puts it, “After a long year, I can now look at my brand as a well-oiled machine that makes sense in every facet.” In doing so, he worked with Amanda Sosa Stone as his consultant.

Amanda says, “When Josh came to me, I was excited to have the opportunity to work with him. I knew his work and style and understand how much VALUE he had. He had a killer existing client list and great client rapport. He had a lot of GREAT things going for him. Because he was so busy taking care of his clients, he never took the time to work on himself (which is a good problem to have). Working together we needed to identify what was missing…the two things we identified were: a good edit and consistent branding elements. We worked VERY hard to develop an edit (going back and forth until it felt right and authentic to Josh’s vision). With a strong edit he was ready for brand revisions.”

At Night: The Making of from Handsel "Ian" Reid on Vimeo.