Brookelyn Photography Lookin Good

Recording memories, something every professional and amateur photographer knows something about. This beautifully designed and crafted promo kit for Brookelyn Photography celebrates recording memories both with the photographic image and written word.

Photographer Brooke Fitts of Brookelyn Photography explains -

“I hooked up with the amazing team at Hum Creative a few months back to chat about all things packaging + branding…. i wanted to come up with something different, something that felt like my clients were getting a personalized gift that was still usable to them… we came up with an idea to create a custom scout book that clients could continue to record their memories within. essentially expanding the idea that couple’s would be able to continue to celebrate their special moments + create something that they could treasure for years to come. the result is a 32-page book of lists such as: movies we loved, moments to remember, our favorite restaurants, memorable i’m sorry’s, etc. i’m thrilled with the results + get nothing but gushing feedback when my clients get not only their wedding photos but also this little token of thanks. i can’t emphasize enough the beauty of collaborating with other creatives + the magic that can come out of that. oh, + if you’re a past client that would like one of these, please just leave a comment + i’m happy to send one out your way! or even if you aren’t a client, i’d be happy to send one to you too!”

There’s a special visual and tactile quality to silkscreen and letterpress materials that just can’t be matched with digital printing. This custom job takes full advantage and deserves to be a promo worth remembering.