Bryan Alano Takes A Risk With Denim

I really enjoyed this portfolio for los angeles based lifestyle photographer, Bryan Alano. Unique material choice, great craft and attention to detail. The denim makes this a real stand out and it’s meaningful and relevant – saying much more than your standard portfolio cover. It makes me want to see the work inside even more! Bryan took a risk doing something different and I think it really pays off. With this portfolio he demonstrates that he’s a creative person that’s not afraid to push the envelope and really follows through and cares about the details. An awesome combination!

Bryan told me,

As a lifestyle photographer i wanted to use a material that would relate to my images. For me denim is more than just a cotton fabric, it inspires strong opinions, it is a personal expression, that’s why i picked denim. I added some leather detail to add some contrast, so as orange thread that fits my color scheme and matches my cards and promo card. My logo was hand pressed and the flight case was custom made with denim lining foam cut to fit my book. I did my whole printing and scoring on my book too..and also pressing the leather for the logo.