Business Card Impressions: Christian Garibaldi

Wow! Check out these new business cards recently submitted to No Plastic Sleeves by photographer Christian Garibaldi. They’re sure to impress.

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About the Cards
Christian had this to say – “I would like to extend my thanks to Denise Vannucci of Yellow Advertising & Design for helping me get my idea for the card into a eps file format, and also Alex Daley of Dolce Press for doing the printing and putting up with me while we nailed down the proofs. It was well worth the wait and this is a card that I am proud to hand to someone.

The design premise was to be something that was clean, tight, simple and carried through with the color and feel of my site. I also wanted a card that when I hand it to someone, is substantial and tactile and makes them hesitant to just stuff in their pocket or throw away. I wanted to design a card that would be remembered and exude a sense of thoughtful and subtle design. I used a blind de-bossing with no ink for the front so that the depth of the impression into the paper and the shadow it creates is what you read. The crisp impression and the texture of the cotton also encourages you to run your fingers over the surface to experience its depth. As you flip the card over to see the information on the rear, the vibrant orange edge coloring (Which matches the orange navigation icons on the site) will catch your eye and add some color to the card, as well as draw attention to the thickness of the stock, which is 220 lbs cotton Lettra in flourecent white. The rear of the card uses a matching Gotham font like the front and is printed with silver ink using letterpress. Overall, it is a clean and minimal card that goes beyond just a simple swatch of information, it invites more of your senses and will encourage you to hold it in your hands and savor it. If I could have had them flavored like a Breyers® Creamsicle so that you could lick them, I would have.” –


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  1. Jason

    Almost better than the card itself is the photography of it on Christian’s blog – superb, rich compositions that really convey the depth and texture of the cards. Inspiring work, sir!

  2. Scott Mullenberg

    Love the cards Christian…very hot, tight design with classic tones for a modern world. I continue to come back and have a look, now I only wish I had one to ‘have and hold’ for myself. Bravo.

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