Business Card That’s Sure to Stand Out

This business card for Austin photographer, Destry Jaimes, communicates a unique style and is sure to stand out. It was designed and hand printed by Sarah Wymer of Studio SloMo.

Jaimes says, “Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a thing for skulls – sugar skulls (or calaveras) in particular. Originally, the calavera and flourish at the bottom were only going to be a blind deboss, but Sarah added a bit of black ink to help the design stand out more, and needless to say, I really dig ‘em!” Check out his work at


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  1. Sarah


    The cards were letterpress printed on a Vandercook SP-15 with 130# Cover weight paper. I used silver ink to stand out against the black stock then ran the cards through the press a second time for the sugar skull. Originally the sugar skull was going to be a blind emboss (printing with no ink), but I added a little bit of black to help with visibility.

  2. Shenn T.

    Cool business cards. I’m sure there are a lot of people who might not think so, but from a graphic design standpoint, it’s a great business card design. The cards will stand out and the business will stand out because of it. Great article.

  3. Destry Jaimes

    I just came back from ASMP’s Strictly Business 3 in Chicago, and these cards ended up being one of the hottest thing there.

    During a general session, Blake Discher announced that these were the best cards he had seen all weekend which resulted in people literally lining up to meet me and get a card.

    it was nuts!


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