Caitie McCabe Photography Re-Launches!

Caitie McCabe Photography Re-Launches!

NPS was recently the lucky recipient of an awesome Caitie McCabe rocket box. Photographer, Caitie McCabe re-launched her new website and brand with fanfare and fun! Her latest promo is pack full of “explosive” (ha!) genuine good humor and good times.

This promo demonstrates such excitement, passion and commitment to the photography Caitie is doing. When she first contacted me, Caitie told me “I relaunched my website and whole brand last week (new logo, new work, site etc etc) and we were looking for a creative way to announce it when I got into a conversation with a man who had $20,000 worth of toy rockets he had accidentally purchased.Thus began 6 months of building the most insane and silly promo piece I’ve ever done with a custom shoot, painstakingly designed physical mailer, web component, safety video, 35 person crew (with handmade rocket shirts) and call to action to each recipient to launch their own- Tons of fun/ I’m possibly on a watch list now.”

Caitie McCabe wanted to re-launch her website with a “!”. Her latest promo piece showcases her exuberant work and includes everything you need for a re-launch: a real-live-launch-able rocket, launch pad, moon pie, pop rocks, an instructional launch video (narrated by an adorable, 9-year-old rocket scientist), stickers of her exclamation! logo (to make sure you can slap some excitement on everything!), and of course, awesome photos of people having a blast!

The promo piece is a celebration of a new era of Caitie McCabe Photography.The idea for The Rocket Box Re-Launch came to Caitie while she was chatting with a man who had made the mistake of ordering $20,000 worth of model rockets. So began the journey of a thousand rockets. Caitie wanted everything about the boxes to feel handmade, and with the help of her family, friends, and the kiddos from her photo shoots, Caitie spray painted, glittered, assembled, and mailed each box with love.

This was quite literally one of the most fun promos we’ve every received. And Pop Rocks are my favorite nostalgic candy treat! So, a big shout out and thank you to Caitie McCabe!

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Caitie McCabe is a children & lifestyle photographer based in NY & LA (& everywhere else!). The madness of a photo shoot is where Caitie feels at home. Explosions! Crazy kids! Rockets! Bring it on! Her work is an exciting new adventure every time. Caitie’s goal is to capture the raw and honest moments that often get overlooked in everyday life. She has shot incredibly joyful and inspiring photos for Microsoft, Disney, Parents Magazine, Scholastic Magazine, and many more.