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Site of the Week: Fernando Guerra, Architectural Photographer

Fernando Guerra, Lisbon, Portugal http://ultimasreportagens.com About the site This site was recently submitted to No Plastic Sleeves by Fernando Guerra. Fernando says, “My site was ready just last month after a year of (in-house) work. The thing here was how to show almost 400 projects on an interface that is nice and sleek but above all: it works. We are the number one place to see what´s new regarding archit
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Jeremy Levine, Architect

Portfolio Website http://www.jeremylevine.com/
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Brook Pifer, Photographer

Brook Pifer, Photographer, New York & Orlando http://brookpifer.com/ PDN Photographers’ Self-Promo Awards – 2nd Place, Digital Self Promotion.
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Marija Ivkovic, Photographer

Marija Ivkovic, Photographer, Online Portfolio http://www.marijaivkovic.com/ _
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Gary Paitre, Digital Dude

Gary Paitre, Online Portfolio http://www.gary-web.com/ _
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Cubic Studio, Brazil

Portfolio Website Cubic Studio, Brazil http://www.cubic.com.br/ The design concept for this portfolio site utilizes pictograms as a means to organize content and navigate. _
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Takahiro Miki, Tokyo, Japan

The portfolio of Japanese film director, Takahiro Miki. http://www.takahiromiki.com/ _
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Web Design

Illustration and animation created with Adobe Flash.
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Branding Your Blog

Kyle's logo design
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