Cheers to Jim Scherer’s New Cocktail Promo

Cheers to Jim Scherer’s New Cocktail Promo

This promo for photographer, Jim Scherer is much more than just a pretty face. It’s sure to be a keeper with clients, art buyers and art directors. A lot of time and consideration went into the creation of this booklet, and it shows!

Lucie Wicker told me –
“For this promo, Jim wanted to create something of substance- more than a postcard mailer, something that would showcase multiple images that the recipient could hold and (hopefully) want to keep. Jim enlisted the help of Deanna Drapeau, an art director with an excellent design sense who he had worked with in the past. Together they created a small book utilizing Jim’s photos of cocktails, recipes Deanna created for the drinks, interesting quotes about cocktails, with blank space available for note taking.

A short piece written for the book by Duncan-Rhys Liancourt provided an engaging introduction. It all came together in a 5 1/4 x 5 1/4” format with a stapled binding printed by Richard Kozowyk of Hannaford & Dumas. Each book was then enclosed in a square silver folder and mailed in a chartreuse square envelope (both by Paper Source). The address labels were custom designed with a martini graphic next to the return address.

In addition to the book mailing, Jim sent out a small package to a shorter list of more targeted potential clients. They included a martini bottle stopper along with the book, packaged in yellow paper shred (to match Jim’s logo).”

Photo credit: Mark Nolan-Schou

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