Chris Bohnhoff’s New Portfolio

Photographer Chris Bohnhoff recently submitted photographs of his new portfolio to No Plastic Sleeves. He also shared a bit about the process he went through creating it, starting with the most crucial part – critical assessment.

In his own words:

Last summer I made a commitment to myself to step up my photo game: to find a small team of people who could help me critically assess where my portfolio was and where it could be, then to create a set of materials that would communicate to the creative world who I am as a photographer and what I can do. That process never ends. Interests, co-creators, and creative styles evolve and grow, and so do portfolios. But as of this month, with the arrival of my new portfolio and the kick off of my postcard campaign, I feel a small sense of completion after ten months of serious work.

Here are a few shots of the new book. It’s actually two books within one slipcase, organized like my web site, with stories in one book and portraits in the other. It’s hard to do get a full appreciation for the book without handling it – the cover material has a metalic texture and sheen, but a super soft, highly pet-able feel. The color palette is warm, understated and professional, and contrasts in such a cool way with the vivid green spreads that introduce each section.

I’m really excited to get out in the marketplace and show it off. Many thanks to everyone involved in its production.

Image edit and masterminding: Selina Maitreya
Identity and layout: Andrew Voss of Spunk Design Machine
Book design assistance and construction: Scott Mullenberg
Pages printed at Workprint Studios


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