Chris Sembrot Sets The Bar High With Latest Promo

Chris Sembrot Sets The Bar High With Latest Promo

When photographer Chris Sembrot set out to create his latest promo he set the bar pretty high – “keep costs low, be visually interesting and make it so great that it would be difficult to throw out.” He knows from his previous experience as an art buyer that it takes a little extra something special for an art buyer or art director to actually hold onto a promo.

Melissa Hennessey told me –

“Finding surfers in the Tri-State area isn’t as easy as finding them on the West Coast, but that’s exactly what Chris wasn’t looking for when he began [his] project. He specifically wanted people in the NY, NJ, Philly/PA areas that had their own board, wore whatever they wanted, and were willing to hit the water & be photographed by 6am. Each location is no more than a block from each subject’s home.

Because the series has garnered attention, Chris decided it was time to send out a promo book. Giving as much thought to the packaging as he did the photography itself, Chris solicited two friends to help with the design of the logo and label. The result is a beautiful 27 page 7×7 book complete with a puck of wax. A few days after distribution, he received an email from an art buyer who was on the receiving end “… just got your promo (the wax will come in very handy for me! 8′ longboard owner!) “

The promo has a really cool graphic look too. Chris says, “With the help of a couple talented friends, (Adam Garcia and Dustin Kemper) I finally put together my promo. I designed a 26 page 7″x7″ book and acting as my business card, a puck of surfboard wax with my own custom label. (Adam designed the Urban Surfers logo and Dustin designed the surfboard label)”