Clark Vandergrift’s “Tree People”

To Stand Out: It’s not just what you make, but also how you package and present it that makes a difference. And Baltimore-based photographer Clark Vandergrift’s latest promotional certainly rises above with extraordinary creativity and labor.

Clark Vandergrift’s “Tree People”
The box makes it stand out, compared to the hundreds of other promos I get… just in an envelope or book form. What was nice was [that] I felt the box tied in with the photos. Could this box have been made by the tree people? I like to think they did… He did his homework. I love photographers who care about every detail and it looks like Clark did. – Winston Chueng, Art Director at Burrell

Clark Vandergrift describes his latest promotional –

I made 300 slide lid wooden boxes to send out to carefully selected creative directors, art directors, art buyers, and photo editors around the country. I have received about 25 call-backs or emails from recipients telling me how much they appreciate the great artwork and the level of production that went into each piece.

There are 11 images in each box for a total of 3,300 prints. I custom printed them myself. After all the photography was complete, it took me another solid month to complete the promo. I spent 10 long days doing the printing and another two weeks trimming prints, interleaving them with glassine, wrapping them with a self-custom-printed canvas strap, including the note from the artist, bubble wrapping and boxing the piece, and attaching shipping labels. It is significantly more work than a postcard or email blast, but the results are worth the effort.

For more about this promotional check out the write-up on Wonderful Machine’s blog at

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