Color Themed Promos

Color Themed Promos

These color themed promos from PlainPicture, a photo agency based in Hamburg, Germany, are eye-catching while still remaining minimal in their design approach. The promos focus on the agency’s “unusual and unexpected” photography while still grouping imagery around a common theme.


Aaron Vähi told me –
The design of our print advertising / promotions is usually reduced and minimal as to put as much emphasis as possible on the photography being presented. Often there will be a concept or theme, as with the the booklets and color fan, in order to present a specific image theme or style.

We try to make our print projects not just as image brochures, but rather as sources of inspiration and ideas for designers and creatives.

Color Fan:
The idea was to have a type of “Pantone color fan” where photos are placed one after another according to color. This seemed an ideal way to present our photos in order to reach potential clients such as designers, graphic designers, and art directors who could relate to the color fan as they would with their everyday toolkit.

Color Booklets:
After seeing that a presentation based on colors was a great way of presenting photos, we produced a set of booklets based on different colors. Starting with black, white, red, and skin-tone booklets, the concept remains open for expansion with future booklets based on other colors.


Plain pad:
With the plain pad, we set out to make a promotional piece that would not only introduce our image collection but also have a function.

The plain pad is a notebook in which a range of photos are subtly displayed in the page margins leaving plenty of room for notes, ideas, and scribbles. Thought of as a way to make a simple, everyday object a little more creative and inspiring. After the success of the first version, we’ve now also added a plain pad II.

Online Marketing
Newsletters/Online Presentations:
With the daily flood of online newsletters that land in our inboxes, our challenge is to create newsletters and online presentations which, from one month to the next, will surprise, delight, and inspire viewers with unique concepts and ideas. The newsletter and presentation style vary greatly, depending on the image style, collection or theme being presented, helping to keep each as fresh and interesting as possible.