Comm Arts Web Pick of the Day

Comm Arts Web Pick of the Day

Recently submitted to No Plastic Sleeves by artist rep, Sarah Claxton, this site for photographer, Joshua Cogan was recently named a Communications ArtsWeb Pick of the Day“.

To experience the site, go to:

Sarah commented about the site –

“Joshua Cogan’s website was created in collaboration with Bluecadet interactive, an agency based in Philadelphia that Joshua has done a lot of multimedia work with. Having worked with Bluecadet before, Joshua knew the best approach was to define his needs both in terms of functionality and form, as they are incredibly talented at dovetailing the two. They went through several iterations until they settled on the current design.

They set out to create a portfolio site that reflects a strong personality. The challenge was making the site’s functionality more than just a basic set of slide-shows. Joshua’s work spans many different areas and subjects, none of which are the same but many have overlapping themes and commentary. He wanted to capture those subtle links that make his work cohesive.

They built an intricate, interactive tagging system that allows users to navigate through the photos within main categories like Travel, Photojournalism, and Portraiture. Users can also click through photos by theme, curating those images by their personal interests like Faith, Music, or even Usain Bolt.

The site features granular social media integration, allowing visitors to share direct links to images. Viewers can mark their favorite images, which are displayed on an unobtrusive bottom navigation bar and stored, making sharing your favorite images upon return visits simple.

Built in Flash, the site has a robust Drupal backend, making the content fully administrable and allowing Joshua to easily upload new photographs.

The care and attention to detail, combined with photography, have had an impressive effect. A few months after its launch, the site boasts impressive analytics, with users viewing around twelve pages per visit, spending an average of nearly eight minutes on the site each. There’s an almost non-existant bounce rate: 98% of visitors go to the site and stayed. That means almost no one entered only to turn around and leave, instead exploring and viewing the images.”