Community: A Blog for Emerging Photographers

Finding Inspiration in Each Other.
The site, brings together a community of emerging photographers who take turns giving the group creative assignments. It was started in August 2008 by Tamar Levine and a handful of her Art Center College of Design classmates, and has grown to include twenty-one contributors, each with her or his distinct style and vision. This diverse mix of photographers provides as much diversity in the results of each monthly assignment.

Levine came up with the concept for the blog in the summer of 2008. “I really wanted to start a blog for a few reasons,” she stated, “To establish a photo community; to continue creative dialogue even after we finished school; to make a haven where we could just be creative without worrying about the money or competition; and to feed off of each other and hopefully get inspired.”

Some of Tamar’s photographs were recently featured in the PDN Photo Annual for Stock. Below are a few of the winning images.


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