Concept Driven Magazine (And More) Gets Attention & Assignments

This is an impressive first promotion from photographer Brandon Haynes. With a specific target audience in mind (editorial and music/entertainment based clients), he was smart to chose a concept for his magazine – “Light v Dark.” The theme helped to frame the work and provide a cohesive context for the sequence of images that ranged over several bodies of work. But Brandon’s promo package doesn’t stop there. This promotional effort has multiple parts including magazine, tri-fold, postcards, notepad and hand written note. All of which really worked to get Brandon’s name out and drive traffic to his website.

Brandon says,

The promo piece was a passion project I put a lot of time and work into. The goal of the promotional package was to promote my work towards more editorial and music/entertainment based potential clients. A combination of a portfolio magazine, postcards, a hand written note, and an accordion style tri-fold were used to present my photography. The magazine was a collection of my portraiture, fashion, and personal projects all presented together in a theme. The idea of Light v Dark served as the concept. Having photos which presented a contrast as the main focal point, a range from color to black and white, high key to low key, from simply indoors to outdoors and onward. The tri-fold was used as a way to focus in on my music photography to publications and other potential clients which have a strong interest in music based photography. The post cards were photos which were aimed at showcasing some of my strongest personal work separately from the portfolio magazine, and serve as the format for which secondary promotional direct mail pieces will be sent as throughout the year to perspective clients. The purpose of the notepad was to merely serve as an item which could always be used while also reminding them about Brandon Haynes Photography in some form or matter. The handwritten note was to make the whole package more intimate as each person a package was sent to was an individual or company which I sincerely would love to work with. The hardest thing with this project was selection process of the photos, spent over a month going back and forth with photos.

The response for the promo has been great! I have received quite a few emails with editors complementing my work as well as talks about assignments. With the launch of the promo piece there was a huge spike in traffic to my site … along with inquires for a additional copies of my portfolio magazine. I am thinking about making it a downloadable magazine through iTunes Bookstore sometime this summer. Overall this has been a wonderful experience as my first major promotional piece which I am quite proud of and has opened a good amount of doors.