Create Meaningful Touchpoints To Promotes Your Brand

Create Meaningful Touchpoints To Promotes Your Brand

Your portfolio and promotional materials are valuable touchpoints in the establishment of your brand. Every interaction a person has with your brand, be it tangible (your work, promotional materials, studio space…) or intangible (word of mouth, reputation, the way you answer the phone…) are touchpoints. One’s perception of your brand image will often be created over time through a number of brand experiences with multiple touchpoints. The more effort you put into the details of those brand experiences, the more richly you will create an idea of who you are as a professional.

In this example from photographer, Thomas Kuoh great care has been taken to create a book that is true to the subject and overarching concept. It looks and feels authentic and meaningful not only through the images themselves, but the entire concept and presentation. These details elevate the brand experience to a richer more meaningful level.

Thomas told me, “I wanted to share with you a portfolio piece I did. It was for a fish story I shot, where the concept was the beginning and end from prep to ingestion. I wanted the portfolio book presentation to have the feel of the fish market. I hand stitched the book with a Japanese style binding with animal sinew (which took forever to find). And used the waxed cardboard the fish was delivered in as a cover. Which I had to dig out of the dumpster behind the fish market. I’ve cleaned it, in case you’re wondering. Then wrapped the whole thing in waxed craft paper. There’s a trifold mailer/leave-behind that goes with it, laid out to mimic the flow of the prep-ingestion theme. ”

Such additional thought and effort can go a long way in elevating not only the work you do through the context that is created around it but also in how you are perceived as a brand. Thomas created multiple touchpionts for this promotion – a book and a leave-behind mailer. All of which gives people something to talk about and remember – helping to spread the word!

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