Creating the Perfect Business Card

Creating the Perfect Business Card

This is the perfect business card for travel and lifestyle photographer, Matt Dutile. Great concept and fun execution!

Matt told me,

A little over a year ago I made the move to NYC from Phoenix and knew I wanted a brand revitalization to go with it. A friend who had opened his business a few months back had worked with the crew over at The James Agency  and they put together some creative collateral I really enjoyed. So I decided to come to them with this re-branding and business card project.

I knew I wanted something fun and unique to represent my perspective and after spit-balling ideas around for a bit we came to the idea of a passport stamp logo and luggage tag business cards. Shane and Veronique at The James Agency put together some great first looks, then we combined bits and pieces from each and simplified the logo down to get rid of the clutter but still have a unique look.

The business cards were the next evolution – using real luggage tags and letter-press printing for some raise and detail on the cards. The masterstroke was turning the passport stamp logo into an actual stamp. It’s fantastic because it adds a bit more of a personalized touch to each card then just a pre-placed and printed stamp would. Sometimes I get the stamp cleanly in the middle, other times it’s a bit high or low. Either way, it makes each card different. The bonus is getting to use the stamp for all my collateral as well – envelopes, printed promos, thank you’s and the occasional name tag.

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