Creativity, Personalization, and Budget-Friendly

Creativity, Personalization, and Budget-Friendly
These were the key ingredients that helped shape this successful mailer by photographer, Clint Davis. He came up with a great concept for the promo and developed the project around the slogan “GIVE ME A SHOT”. As this project demonstrates, it just takes one good idea (and a lot of hard work) to show off your talent and get noticed. In the end, hopefully it’s all worth it.

Check out Davis’ site at:

More about this project can be found on Davis’ blog: found here.

Here’s an excerpt from Davis’ blog –

Hello? Hi? Can you hear me?!? HELLO!!!!…. (crickets… frogs… distant coyote howl)

Sometimes it may feel that no matter how hard you try, getting a client to look at your work can feel like whispering in a circle of vuvuzelas. Introducing my trojan horse; a brick-sized-self-promoting white box.

Fortunately my previous job as an Art Director for national magazines put me in the position to receive self-promotion mailers from aspiring photographers. Most of the promo pieces were 4×6″ postcards with a picture on one side, and printed addresses on the other side. Stale, non-personalized, and probably frayed at the edges, the postcards rarely made it from the mail room to my desk. But a box?!? A freakin’ box??? NOW you have my attention. Maybe it’s just me, but when I get a box in the mail with a hand-written address, a slow fuzzy feeling comes over me and my eyes open 43% more than usual. YOU good box are coming back to my desk for a thorough dissection.

Above all I wanted to make a self-promotion mailer that wouldn’t get tossed in the trash right away. Considering the caliber of ad agencies, magazine photography editors, athletic teams, and select others that will receive this mailer, that is a tall order to accomplish.


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  1. Josh R.

    This is a great promotion. Lets not be fooled into thinking it’s budget though. Just the postage is going to push it out of the budget category. I don’t mean to say it’s not worth it though.

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