Custom Portfolio Design for Karyne Bond

Custom Portfolio Design for Karyne Bond

Unique custom metal portfolio for Canadian photographer, Karyne Bond. Great concept and excellent construction makes this a stand out portfolio.

Karyne told me,

My initial need was to have a portfolio that could be transformed according to the different practices which I may submit my work to, being a photographer, retoucher, graphic designer and the fact that my work is changing rapidly. So, I wanted to be able to change the pages quickly.

Metal and textiles are something recurring in my work, so I decide to use aluminum and leather with my logo, designed by an amazing friend, Amelie Verreault, graphic designer.

Then, I contacted an industrial designer with the idea of working with an aluminum case with my logo in die-cut. Julie Duquette, at the company Ji-Design, has been a great help in the development of the plan from my sketches. She then created plans for the laser cuts and tracks production with the company commissioned to do it.

Metal parts in hand, I wanted to put a surprising elements in my pages and use the box like structure. A panoramic photo fragmented, puzzle layout, test with  paper medium and then some careful folding…gives the  vertical fan hidden between the pages.

I’ve gotten so much good feedback for this piece but do have to say that it needs to be cleaned more often than I thought when it was just an idea!