Custom Portfolio for Beijing-based Food Photographer, Cherry Li

Custom Portfolio for Beijing-based Food Photographer, Cherry Li

These new portfolio books for Beijing-based Food Photographer, Cherry Li were carefully considered before being brought to life. Senior Photo Editor, Stacy Swiderski of Wonderful Machine worked with Cherry Li from concept to edit in the creation of these exquisite custom books.


Stacy says, “We started our dialogue about the direction of the new portfolio via Skype. Cherry was excited to move forward and had lots of ideas about how she wanted the book to function: It needed to be easy to transport; it needed to be interactive, and she wanted it to showcase projects and series of work rather than just specialties. She was also interested in doing a bound book as opposed to a screw post book this time around and knew that finding the right printer and editor was going to be critical in creating something that would be unique and remain fresh for multiple seasons in the industry.”


On the feedback she’s getting, Cherry Li says, “The book has been getting tons of compliments! People love the double-sided format with the contrasting and complementary themes. They like that they can stretch it out (though I haven’t actually seen anyone do it). The most interesting feedback is that the accordion is a traditional Chinese book format, which I didn’t know before, but makes me wonder if I was influenced by being in China.”

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