Damn Fine Looking Portfolio for Photographer Luke Copping

Damn Fine Looking Portfolio for Photographer Luke Copping

Luke Copping‘s new portfolio is definitely a looker! It’s so well designed and crafted thanks to Luke’s collaboration with designer, Nubby Twiglet. In his email to me, Luke mentioned – “The response has been interesting because the book is slightly unorthodox in that in incorporates branding and design elements in the picture layouts.” I think that since his portfolio includes so much editorial work, it works fine to include branding elements on some of the pages – seeing the images in juxtaposition with other elements makes sense in that context.

Luke said,

“Over many weeks of conceptual discussion, Nubby and I started to pull together the images and elements that would go into the book. We decided on an 11 x 14 landscape format, which is similar to previous versions of my book. I feel that it is a perfect size for the types of image layouts we ended up working with and avoids the transport and scale issues of larger books.

We also went with a completely custom solution for the covers rather than something pre-fabricated.

It gave us so much more freedom in terms of our design and materials choices than working within the constraints and limited options offered by some off-the-shelf portfolio solutions. Nubby had worked with a bookbinder in Portland called Grossenbacher in the past and suggested them for the fabrication of the covers – they did not disappoint.”

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  1. Michael

    Hey Luke and Nubby:

    Great work. Do you mind ballparking that design for me? I’m trying to gauge what’s possible in my limited price range and how far to push with a budget.


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