Dan Prince ‘Reflection’ Promo

Dan Prince ‘Reflection’ Promo

Concept and craft come together beautifully in this new promotional piece for photographer, Dan Prince. The designer, Dean Pannifer told me, “This promo was a concept a developed by me (and 50 glued and bound by myself as well!), to help echo the environment in which the shots were taken, as well as giving context to the people within them. I particularly wanted to emphasize the feel of the book in your hand – as a hint towards so many answers supposedly found within one little book.”


Photographer Dan Prince, said –

“The project is a personal self promotional project, but it was all inspired from a BBC1 commission, Great North Passion. I was photographing shipping art installation shipping containers and one was inside a church. I noticed people sitting on their own in a moment of reflection and I thought it would be a nice idea to capture members of the clergy in moments of reflection in their church environment.

Every year I try and photograph a self promotion project and this seemed to be a strong idea. I thought about getting the quotes after I had shot the first few portraits, so I contacted the previous vicars to get their quote. This started the idea of the book and how the project would come together.

Reflection was the trickiest of all of the projects we have worked on, and Dean actually came up with the book design as he thought a limited printed piece would be worth while. It was a very costly thing so we decided on a limited number of 50 and send to creatives, publishers and bloggers who would hopefully write about it in the UK, USA and publishers in Europe. It’s also great to produce something that is original and will be remembered as well as very fitting for the project.”

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This project has been shared recently on Wonderful Machine’s blog. Check it out