Danny Cohen Goes Beyond the Extra Mile

Talk about taking the initiative. This is a fabulously out of the box idea to try and get a job. It’s sent to us by Danny Cohen of Australia. He says, “David LaChapelle was down under in Melbourne shooting for a Nokia promotion so I thought I’d jump on the opportunity to try and grab his attention. I did this by pasting a 43 foot banner on a bridge right next to the shoot the night before. Here’s a peek into how it all unfolded.” I sincerely hope he gets the job.

Check out: http://www.iwanttobeyourassistant.com/


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  1. Industry Insider

    That’s a lot of work just to be an assistant for one photographer (or person, for that matter).

    Perhaps Danny should put that much energy into his own shooting career. He’s obviously got a little bit of talent. And a sum of creativity.

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