Eye Catching Brand Identity for Photographer Jennifer Whitney

Photographer Jennifer Whitney‘s brand is eye-catching, distinct and memorable. A simplified shape, joined letterforms and of course a great color (love the purple!) is all you need. Choose some paper with a little texture and you’ve done yourself proud. The color and typeface extend to Jennifer’s other marketing components unifying the whole “brand” package.

Jennifer says, “After leaving the San Antonio Express-News two years ago, I worked with Jasmine DeFoore to create a new logo and brand elements, reedit my portfolio, build a new website and blog, and create the first round of print promos as well as a new portfolio book for meetings. I chose to collaborate with local San Antonio designer Doris Palmeros and book maker Scott Mullenberg in Portland, ME and am really happy with the results. Due to a limited budget, we chose to tweak APhotoFolio template and a WordPress theme for the web presence. I also used Vertallee Letterpress in Austin for the business cards and stationary: “

  1. Julie Adcock Whitney
    FABULOUS WORK by all!!! PERFECTION at it's finest!!!! For all that had a hand in reflecting Jennifer's work, you're the BEST!!!!
  2. Eric Kayne
    Those look great, Jennifer! Much better than the simple postcard I'll be sending out this quarter. Mad props!
  3. Scott Mullenberg
    Looks fantastic Jennifer. Bravo!
  4. Jasmine
    thanks for sharing this with your readers Danielle!
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