Eye-Catching Promo by Shelby Duncan

Eye-Catching Promo by Shelby Duncan

Celebrating spring, photographer Shelby Duncan‘s DIY promo package catches the eye – right from the get go with the use of clear plastic envelopes. This creative and smart idea gets you to the lush, colorful image right away, tempting one to see more! The use of text combined with the image (as an incomplete sentence cropped off the card) also helps to lead one on to the next image. Nice concept!

Shelby told me,

“I was recently working with a small budget for my spring promos and after looking through your “Out of The Box” section I was inspired to send out a creative little DIY spring promo package. I was trying to think of a fun, “out of the box” idea that might catch the eye when dropped in the boxes of the clients hence the clear casing involved.

I wanted to wish them a happy spring mixed in with a colorful editorial shoot I photographed for HungerTv : http://www.hungertv.com/feature/young-blood-shelby-duncan/


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  1. Shelby

    Thanks Josh! I imagine the bigger clear envelopes do cost more but note these DVD size clear envelopes only cost the exact amount as a normal letter size envelope.

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