Finding Inspiration: Brady Fontenot’s New Promotion

You never know when inspiration will strike. But for the visually curious, there’s no shortage of things to inspire. Recently, photographer, Brady Fontenot found inspiration in a tire shop in New Orleans.

I asked Brady about his recent promotion and this is what he had to say –

“This tire shop is in New Orleans and I’ve been sort of mesmerized by it for the longest time. Finally stopped by one day and talked to Mr Joe., the owner, about taking some photos. He approved and of course these are the results. I had all these great photos and I have a friend who is a really amazing designer so I asked him about doing a piece with them. His name is Nessim Higson and he runs a successful design studio called IAmAlwaysHungry(IAAH). He’s the one who came up with the initial poster concept and the packaging. The idea behind the greasy packaging and the stamping and all of that was to draw you in and hopefully make the viewer feel at least a tinge of what I feel every time I ride by St Claude Tires and what I felt while I was hanging out there taking pictures. Also, it’s not in the pictures but, a note will be included w/ each promo sent out and those will be written on order slips like you would get from a tire shop or mechanic or similar. We want the viewer to feel like they were at the shop. The difference in this poster arriving in a plain envelope versus the made up ones we did is huge in my mind. In terms of appealing to creatives who are in position to hire me it will hopefully give the impression that I pay attention to the details, am willing to go the extra mile to do it right and am able to collaborate with others to complete a project.

Ness actually had me go back and shoot details of signage and other things at the shop so we could incorporate that into the design. He then took that and had stamps made from some of the signage which is what you see stamped on the envelope. One stamp says “No Cash Refund” another says “No Loitering, No Crack Selling, No Cat Selling. NOPD Will Be Called” and the third is “ If You Don’t Work Here Don’t Hang Here.”

These are being used in a couple of ways. Posters w/ envelopes are being sent to creatives to solicit meetings while I’m in New York for the summer and just as general promo pieces. We are also placing them around New Orleans at the tire shop and various boutiques and coffee shops and what not as give aways.

As of now we are working on a second poster and are planning to continue to do one every few months.”