Frank Fellow Award Self-Promotional Brand System

Frank Baseman is an AIGA Fellow and Principal of Baseman Design Associates. He is also an Associate Professor and Interim Director of the Graphic Design Communication program at Philadelphia University (

About the Project
“Upon receiving the AIGA Fellow Award from the Philadelphia chapter of AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts, the Professional Association for Design) I produced a Self-Promotional Brand System that I could send to Clients and Prospects to commemorate this momentous occasion. The Brand System included a Brochure, Poster and Notecard, and played with the alliteration of the two “F”s in Fellow and Frank. For the Brochure Cover and Poster I made a collage of “F”s from old Victorian typefaces, as well as from Circus and Sign cuts, and produced a 20-page plus Cover, saddle-stitch Brochure that highlighted thirteen projects produced by Baseman Design Associates through the years. To economize, the outer wrapper of the Brochure was printed at the same time–on the same sheet–as the Poster. I also produced an accompanying letterpress-printed, blind-embossed Notecard to be used to handwrite personal notes. The Poster was sent to a broader mailing of Prospects, Friends and Family, while the entire package of Brochure, Poster and Notecard with hand-written note was sent to a more select mailing of current and former Clients. Well after the original mailing, I still use the Brochure as a mini portfolio whenever I go on an appointment.

The Frank Fellow Award Self-Promotional Brand System has won a Merit Award in the How Magazine 2009 Self-Promotion Design Competition; Philadelphia Design Awards from the AIGA Philadelphia 2009 Design Competition; and has been featured in 1,000 More Graphic Elements, Rockport Publishers, curated and selected by Grant Design Collaborative.” – Frank Baseman

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Production Notes:
All paper for the project was generously donated by Cranes, (thanks to David Kidwell and Hamilton Davis, as well as to Geraldine Winters from long ago).

Poster: 18” x 24” flat (folds to 9” x 12” for mailing); printed offset, 2/0 (1 PMS color plus black); on Crane’s Crest Pearl White Imaging, 80# text (outer Brochure Book Wrap printed alongside Poster).

Brochure (with outer Book Wrap): 5.5” x 8;” 20 pgs. + Cover, saddlestitch; printed offset, 4/4 (4-color process throughout); on Crane’s Cover, Pearl White, 90# Cover with Crane’s Crest Fluorescent White Imaging, 80# text.

Brochure and Poster printed offset by Innovation Printing and Communications, Philadelphia, PA. (thanks to Frank Fox, Jeff Jones (the “Living Legend”) and Estelle Bollendorf).

Notecard: 6.25” x 9” flat (folds to 4.5” x 6.25”); printed letterpress, blind-embossed on Crane’s Lettra, Pearl White, 110# cover. Printed letterpress by Alisa Dix of Third Termite Press in Pittsburgh, PA. Print run yielded 500 Brochures, Posters and 1,000 Notecards.

Frank Fellow 1. (Brochure) Todd Vachon,
Frank Fellow 2. (Poster folded) Guy Welch,
Frank Fellow 3. (Notecard) Guy Welch,

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