From Marketing Idea to Gallery Showing with Worldwide Attention

From Marketing Idea to Gallery Showing with Worldwide Attention

I can’t stress enough the importance of good content. If you don’t have anything compelling to say or show in your work than there’s no amount of dressing it up that’s going to make it interesting. Photographer, Trent Bell shows us how empathy, curiosity, and drive can not only create something compelling but meaningful too.

Trent says,

“Back in 2013 we were sitting in Elements coffee shop throwing around ideas for a promotional marketing campaign that we could send out to perspective advertising agencies. It had to be attention grabbing as it needed to cut through the sea of promotional pieces that land on the desk of advertising’s most creative people. The idea of photographing prisoners and attaching the prints to a clipboard was one of the ideas that came up. We knew that if done right, we thought it could spark that interest we were looking for. With this loose concept in hand, the REFELCT project was born.

Of course it was one year ago when the idea was conceived, and since then, the REFLECT project has developed into much more then we ever anticipated. The end goal of the project shifted from a marketing piece to a gallery showing that garnered local, national, and even worldwide attention. The response has been amazing and the REFELCT project continues to visit galleries around the state while still generating a lot of interest.”

2014 Promotional Mailer from trentbellphotography on Vimeo.

Check out more about this project on Trent’s blog.

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