Full-Scale, Organized Marketing Campaign for Mike Tittel

Full-Scale, Organized Marketing Campaign for Mike Tittel

Well done, cohesive marketing campaign for photographer Mike Tittel.


Amanda Friend of Wonderful Machine says,

“A few months ago, photographer Mike Tittel called about tackling something he’d never tried before: a full-scale, organized marketing campaign. His challenge had our copywriter Maria Luci, photo editor Honore Browne, and myself (designer) brainstorming ways to take Mike to the next level of marketing.

Mike already had a solid foundation in place. Reviewing his marketing materials, I decided we didn’t need to update his logo or brand colors. In fact, I was particularly fond of the bright orange and was excited to look for new ways to use it in his designs.

We decided to start the project with a series of postcards, followed by an email campaign, and a trifold leave-behind for meetings. Each would go hand-in-hand with the others by using a cohesive branding throughout. It was important to me that clients recognize Mike’s brand, but not receive something too similar each time he contacted them.

Mike wanted to promote his brand as much as his photography. He emphasized how he doesn’t just take pictures of healthy, active lifestyles—he lives one too. After I spoke with Maria, we pitched Mike on incorporating copy into the campaigns to give clients more insight into the Mike Tittel brand. He agreed, and we moved forward.

While chatting with Maria about the project, Mike mentioned trying to get more viewers engaged on his social media outlets, especially his Facebook page. He’d come up with the idea of placing copy with images as motivational promo materials—an idea Maria loved. With so many social media sites dedicated to sharing inspiring healthy lifestyle images, she knew this could be a great way to help Mike go viral. Together they created “Monday Motivators“—a series featuring motivational sports/fitness/lifestyle images with inspirational copy that Mike now shares on Mondays. I designed a template for the images to fit with his brand. This way, as they were shared across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr, it would still be clear where they came from.”


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