Fun promo for Make L-O-V-E project

Fun promo for Make L-O-V-E project

When I went to the link Photographer Daniel Castro sent me regarding his latest promo, I must say I was captivated right away. The project itself and promo idea is so much fun, engaging, and grabbed my attention right away.

Daniel says,

“I recently completed a personal project involving photographing hundred of folks lips with a polaroid camera, and then hitting the streets again and convincing strangers to pose for a portrait with a different set of lips. I created a video of the project, entitled “Make L-O-V-E” (title will make sense when you watch it- and yes its work friendly;) which you can see below – “

“Getting ready for some meetings in the next few days for NYC Fotoworks / Artists in Motion and thought I’d make some fun promos that featured my Make L-O-V-E project. As everybody who participated seemed to get a kick out of trading lips with strangers, I figured I’d let others in on the fun. Though not as easy as it looked, I chose two of my favorite lips from the project and I made dozens of “copies” using the very same Fuji Instax 7s camera set up as a “copy machine” of sorts.”


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