Getting A Response from AD’s – Derek Shapton’s Promo Success

Getting A Response from AD’s – Derek Shapton’s Promo Success

Photographer, Derek Shapton recently got in touch with No Plastic Sleeves to share his latest promotional piece. And it’s a great idea! Not just because it’s clever, different and useful, but also because it achieved it’s goal – getting Art Director’s and Creative Director’s to notice and respond. Let’s face it. Bottom line – that’s what it’s all about. And the truth is, a great looking image on a postcard just isn’t usually enough to get you there.

Derek says,

“I had a meeting a few months ago with the studio partners, and when the subject of printed mailers came up, I politely expressed my views; I think my exact words were “Forget it. Not doing one. Waste of money. Too bad I can’t just print some shots on Kleenex, that way they’d at least be useful on their way to the garbage…” — and that was the Eureka moment. Yes, it’s true, I’ve done a promo – but not a mailer. I couldn’t find anyone who printed on Kleenex, but we came up with the next best thing.”

“The shots were conceived of and taken specifically for the tissue boxes — it was a hilarious and messy day of photos — and I consciously tried to do things a bit differently. I wanted the images to tie in conceptually with the promotion itself, which is something sadly lacking with most promo efforts…”

In an email to me, Derek added, “The great response continues, it’s the first promotion I’ve ever done where AD’s have actually gotten in touch to thank me for sending them something!! Also, because the list was so tightly focussed, we’ve actually had people who didn’t get them emailing to request one!!! Rather unprecedented and quite gratifying.”

Recently, Derek wrote a post on his blog, titled, “Hey Art Directors! (An Apology)”. You can read the entire post here.