Getting Noticed With A Fun Idea

Getting Noticed With A Fun Idea


This past June, photographer Kerry Shaw sent 150 balloon promos to Art Directors, Print Producers and Buyers all over Toronto. This is such a fun idea and sure to stand out!

Kerry says –

“There’s always talk about Art Directors, Print Producers and Buyers tired of the same old overload of promos that usually just end up in the recycling bin… In response, I wanted to do something a little extra charming to keep that from happening.

Photographers and Illustrators put a lot of effort into getting noticed and I wanted to share the behind the scenes love that goes into that whole process. With the help of some amazing friends and colleagues, we rented a helium tank and attached 150 balloons individually to my latest tissue-paper-wrapped-postcard. Most were left with receptionists, who gracefully obliged to link with their receivers. To some, I had the chance to hand deliver which was a treat. A week long event and the results were wicked fun. WHO DOESN’T LOVE GETTING A BALLOON?!”

Kerry says, “Thank you to a crew of greats for making it happen with ease: Studio Mate, Interdisciplinary Artist & Author; Patricia Kambitsch. Studio Mate & Innovator; Peter Jones. Rep of Goodness; Pamela Hamilton, Bicycle Aficionado; Cheryl Jean. Nurse Extraordinaire; Julie Brazeau. Designer & Illustrator; Ibraheem Youssef. Mom & Dad.”

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