Good Design is Good Business

Good Design is Good Business

For an independent photographer and designer, a professionally designed brand identity and marketing materials is pretty much a must have. It’s necessary if you’re going to look like a professional who takes their business seriously. It’s also a good way to cohesively and consistently tie all of your promotional and marketing materials together. Good design is, simply put, more visually appealing to your clients, more memorable and communicates quality. For those that are not designers themselves, it’s recommended that you work with a designer to establish your presence.

Photographer Jane Shauck recently submitted her new materials to NPS. They look great and are sure to elevate her business persona.

Jane puts it well, saying –

For years I’ve designed my own logos and used template websites. To grow my business I knew I had to invest in branding and get professional help to develop a new website, new marketing materials and a new portfolio with one cohesive look. I partnered with a local West Hartford branding company, Brand New LLC, to sort out the brand message…clean, intimate, strong but friendly. Brand New brought in Co:Lab, a Hartford CT design agency who designed the logo, business card, twitter page, email header along with our new website.

For the portfolio, the amazing Amanda Sosa Stone at Agency Access consulted with me on the portfolio, editing and ordering the images. Amanda recommend a great printer out of Oregon, Lincoln Miller of Pushdot Studio who provided lots of personal service to get my files ready and print the portfolio. It was a big investment of money and time, but I’ve made it back in jobs I’ve shot and I’m really happy we did it!

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