Great Advice from Wonderful Machine’ s Sean Stone & Maria Luci

Last week, I went to the Flash Forward photography festival in Boston, MA to hear Maria Luci & Sean Stone from Wonderful Machine talk about “An Introduction to Branding and Marketing.” They provided a lot of great practical advice and resources for emerging photographers. Check out a couple of excerpts below. And for a look at their entire presentation, go here.

Words of advice:

    Print Portfolios

  • Update once a year
  • Should be visually consistent with site, but not a printed version of web portfolio
  • Will be a conversation piece for face to face meetings, so if you can afford something impressive, do it.
  • Pick production materials that suit your style and brand
  • Huge number of options, prices, and levels of flexibility

    Ways to market yourself:
  • Web site
  • Press Releases
  • Source books
  • Bulk Print Mailers
  • Editorial Credits
  • Reps
  • Contests
  • Individual Emails
  • Print Ads
  • Blogging
  • Picture Agencies
  • Targeted Print Mailers
  • Social Networking
  • Phone Calls
  • Mass Emails
  • Portfolio Meetings

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