Inspirational! Ryan Hughes 360 Project

Inspirational! Ryan Hughes 360 Project

This project by Ryan Hughes, a motion picture director and portrait photographer based in Toronto, Canada is truly inspired! Great work on the post production and synchronizing to the soundscape. Everyone I shared it with was blown away by the final pieces. Thanks to Ryan for emailing me about the project. This is a great example of personal work taking you to new heights. It’s also significant that Ryan received a fellowship to complete this project. Fellowships and grants are a great way to realize projects, travel to interesting sites and hire folks to collaborate with. Another plus – sharing “behind the scenes” footage adds a whole new dimension to experiencing the work.

“The 360 Project is an exploration into the crossroads of photography and motion pictures. It is a study of peak dance movements, captured simultaneously by 48 cameras aligned in a circle.

There are two components to “The 360 Project” – “Ballet 360” features ballerinas from Canada’s National Ballet School, “Krump 360” features dancers from Northbuck Krump. The two styles of dance represent polemic perspectives in both technique and origin – one is beauty, the other beast.

The resulting images resemble a type of digital statue – a frozen, peak moment, embodying the essence of each dance form in 360 degrees.”

– Ryan Hughes

BALLET 360 (The 360 Project) from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.

KRUMP 360 (The 360 Project) from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.

The 360 Project – Behind the Scenes from Ryan Enn Hughes on Vimeo.

This work was made possible with the support of the Ontario Arts Council’s Chalmers Arts Fellowship. Additional support provided by Canada’s National Ballet School.

Set photos are photographed by Melissa Tait.


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  1. Dan Rhee

    On a very basic level, I agree it’s Matrix like. But you have to look beyond that as a technique and see what he does with it – making beautiful images and sequencing them together into a dynamic and fresh synergy with music. It’s the concept that’s innovative.

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