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When it comes to designing and constructing your portfolio it’s tough to do it all yourself.
There’s just so much that goes into the creation of a successful portfolio book, not to mention a website and other materials. Often you’ll need to solicit some help from experts in a particular area. However, you still need to be as informed as possible about the process and the components that will shape the “look and feel” and direction of your portfolio. That way, when you do ask for help, you’ll be able to not only find the right people to suit your needs, but also to participate in a dialogue about just what you want.

And that’s exactly what photographer, Michael Winokur did when it came time to create his own portfolio book.

In his own words,
I don’t remember how I heard about Nicole Andersen Book Arts but I remember being very impressed with Nicole’s craftsmanship, style and attention to detail. This was quite a few years ago when she still had her business in Oakland. (Sometime later she moved and turned her business over to her associate, Eriko Yahiro.)

When I first went to Nicole to talk about building a portfolio I had a few ideas, I knew I wanted WINOKUR embossed on the cover, I knew I wanted the prints to be 11×14, and I had these mini-portfolios that needed a home along with the main book. What Nicole provided on that visit was as much a brand consultation as a portfolio making service. I had been talking about my work as fresh but classic, she knew just what that looked like and showed me colors and materials that supported my work beautifully. Those two sets of portfolios – the first from Nicole Andersen Book Arts and later a second identical copy from Yahiro Book Arts – still look fresh and classic today and still support my work many edits and refinements later. I wish it was easier to get face-to-face meetings these days because it’s so great showing big prints in a beautiful hand-made portfolio.

A few notes about the portfolios:

  • The shipping case was custom made by Tenba based on one of their other case designs.
  • The Sage green and black that Nicole suggested for me have been my “corporate” colors ever since and find their way into all my collateral.
  • When Nicole originally made the post-bound book for me there weren’t very good choices in double-sided printing papers. My first book was bound by mounting front and back sides together with spray glue and using linen tape for the hinges. Now I print double sided, leave a margin for the hinge and make holes for the posts with a hand hole punch – much easier.
  • The 5×7 mini portfolios represent recent projects, so they provide for a different kind of editing than the main portfolio which shows a variety of work.
  • The mini-portfolios are very simple, and affordable to make, they are photo prints, spray-glued together and then cut and wire-o bound by my local print shop.”
  • http://www.nabookarts.com/
    Eriko Yahiro

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  1. Nicole

    A big thank you to Michael for mentioning me and Eriko! So glad you are happy with our work. I should also mention that Nicole Andersen Book Arts is open for business (you can see our work at http://nabookarts.com), and that Eriko is on maternity leave and not creating portfolios at this time.

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