It’s Important to Have Goals

It’s Important to Have Goals

Have you ever heard the phrase “form follows function”? American sculptor Horatio Greenough is credited with the phrase, but it was the American architect Louis Sullivan who made it famous. The phrase became the guiding principle of modernist architects and industrial designers during the 20th century. It means that the structure and appearance of a thing should reflect and support what its purpose is – essentially defining and measuring decisions against the goals of a project.

If you’re thinking about a new promo, redesign of your portfolio or website or even an entire re-brand you need to carefully analyze the project’s goals. And of course if you’re starting from scratch, goals are the place to start. It’s a lot easier to accomplish something if you know what you want to accomplish. Having specific goals provides a means to measure your decisions for what’s right for the project. You can ask yourself, “Is this the best way to accomplish x,y and z?”

Photographer Micah Albert just went through a site redesign and marketing effort. In order to do so, he set out some specific goals for the project and was able to hit the mark for each one.

I asked Micah to share with us about the project. This is what he had to say –

“Over the seven years I’ve been shooting professionally, I’ve predominantly worked on documentary assignments throughout Africa and the Middle East, however the nature of my work also has provided a lot of travel genre opportunities and started to shoot travel work more often, I just didn’t show it much on my previous site edit. The same went for my lifestyle work. I had quite a bit of it, but the subject matter just didn’t flow on a black website next to heartbreaking images of global issues of the human condition.

Even though I regularly travel to some very unstable places and occasionally the bullets do fly, my reportage has never been in the realm of the household names of photojournalism, but on first appearance, the old site seemed to try to look like theirs. And that’s just not me.

So I had a few goals with the rebrand.

  • Lighten the site with a more cheerier feel to lend itself to show work other than documentary.
  • Re edit the entire site and the categories, better highlighting travel and lifestyle work.
  • Send a printed announcement, showing more travel work, to editors and editorial genre that I haven’t networked enough to.
  • Have that announcement state my location (Northern California)
  • Send an email campaign to piggyback the print announcement.

The printed cards consisted of six 5.5 x 8.5 and a note card and matching envelope. I hand wrote notes to each editor, telling them about my upcoming trips to East Africa and mentioning that I’m also doing more work locally in the West and CA and am available when not overseas.

I’ve had my site through Neon Sky for 7 years and can’t say enough good things about them and their system. The rebrand was simple, especially with my background in Graphic Design. ”