John Loomis’ Set of Portfolios and Matching Promos

Recently submitted to No Plastic Sleeves, check out this set of portfolios and matching promo cards, USB drives, and e-mailers by photographer John Loomis from New York City. Nicely done! The bamboo is beautiful and I really enjoy the full bleed images.

John says,
“Here are some images of my most recent set of portfolios and some matching promo cards, USB drives, and e-mailers. I like the use the bamboo not only because its both beautiful and sustainable as a material, but also to underscore my brand and passion as a photographer most interested in telling stories in a unique and authentic way. To me bamboo helps to keep these objects from being too precious and talks in a subtle way about my experience and belief in photography as craft (as opposed to fragile art) and especially a story-telling medium.”

Flip-through video links:
Portrait portfolio:
Travel portfolio:

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