Junior Portfolio

Junior Portfolio

This semester I’ve been teaching a portfolio course for juniors and seniors in both graphic design and photography. The students work on the development of a comprehensive portfolio package in preparation for seeking a semester long internship in the fall or industry employment once they graduate.

First we focus on the work – what to include, what not to include, what to tweak and refine, where the gaps are, etc.

Next they begin the difficult process of characterizing their work and themselves. The students embark on several brand exercises trying to hone their message. One of those exercises is to create an illustrated self portrait such as this one, from junior graphic design student, Emily Mulvey, who studied abroad in Denmark this past fall.


Emily’s illustration ended up inspiring the design of her portfolio book, as well as her website and other professional materials.

As you can see from Emily’s portfolio cover she illustrated many more things – her favorite things. I thought this was a great idea as it told us a little bit about Emily as a person – above and beyond the design and illustration work she is capable of (which of course dominates the interior of the book). The book was printed through Blurb using their InDesign plug-in.


A simple, clean layout works well to present her work.

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She decided to go with a responsive template from Squarespace for her website.


A strong typographic design and simple grid layout, with limited brand references (mainly color & typeface) for her resume ensures that it appears well designed and communicates clearly. Emily adds a bit of personality through copy and a small illustration.


Emily’s business card has the same fun visual character as her portfolio.

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