Karston Tannis Maximizes His Marketing Reach

Karston Tannis Maximizes His Marketing Reach

Is your portfolio of the traditional big, bulky, leather bound kind? It’s probably really impressive to view in person. But expensive to make multiple versions of and not so great to target specific folks and mail out. Enter the era of online, print-on-demand services. I’m most familiar with Lulu, Magcloud, and Blurb. Many of these services have greatly improved their color management solutions within the last year or two and can turn out some great looking magazine and books.

Check out the books photographer Karston Tannis recently had made.

Karston told me,

“After attending the NYC Fotoworks Portfolio Review event last year and reading a few features from your site, I decided to go with a Magcloud book print. I have never put together a book from scratch, but I learned the ropes pretty quickly.

I have a huge leather bound portfolio, but decided to create two print portfolios to maximize my marketing reach with hopes of attracting new editorial clients. One portfolio contains images that compliment the action sports, music, and urban lifestyle. The other contains images that are a little more polished. Another reason for choosing Magcloud is the cost. The Portfolio contains 60 pages and costs less than 3 11×14 luster prints. Not only is it really reasonable, you can also ship the books directly to a Creative from their website, or can sell the book for a profit. I plan
on sending out 1 portfolio and personalized letter each week to Creatives I would like to establish a relationship with.

I have read a few reviews that comment on the color and quality of their printed images which I’d like to address with a few tips. First, for the print to appear as close to the digital image as possible, Soft Proofing is required. You can download the Magcloud ICC profile on their website. This can save you tons of time and money by viewing the simulated image. The other tip is to add a levels adjustment layer to the top of your image. I’ve had the most success with the black point set between 10-15 and the white point set to 250. The midpoint slider can be adjusted to taste. I also used an app on my ipad called Minimal Folio to organize the photos. Once I felt confident with the layout the next step was to organize the photos in Adobe Indesign.”

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