Kickin It Old School is Awesome

Kickin It Old School is Awesome

This is such a cool promo for lifestyle photographer, Bryan Alano. Not only is it something you’d love to have and play with, it totally reinforces Bryan’s inviting, laid back, California lifestyle vibe.

Bryan says,

“I decided to come up with a promo that was more user interactive than a typical mailer piece. This is why I recently took the opportunity to create my own personalized box of goodies. The box includes objects that are very true to me and to my brand, such as a pair of orange sunglasses, business cards, postcards, and a unique touch with a viewmaster. Bright colors are representing that California vibe, and the view-master brings us back to those childhood memories.

I can easily update my view-master by sending add agencies new reels with new photographs for them to look at.

I also branded my box by hand pressing my logo onto it, and collaborated with my good friend Matt to design the wooden box.

The personalized box was a hit! The people at the ad agencies loved it.

A piece of advice for creatives sending promo pieces is to think of something that will make you stand out from the rest. Most importantly make sure that the way you promote yourself speaks to you and your style.”

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I asked Bryan how much these cost and how many he made. He told me, “Overall price wise expense is about $35-$45 – made 15 of them.” They also tied in with a new website and online presence. “Its color scheme/branding is to align to my brand new website that just launch last week.”

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